You look like someone who's interested in Small Groups

You are the kind of person who would join a Small Group.

What do you think? What sort of person joins a Small Group?

Likes people, likes arguing
Needs friends, needs help, needs to help people (Shephard)
Bible nerd, Bible know-nothing
Single, Married, Double-income no kids, Is a kid
Selfish, Selfless, Shellfish allergic, Lactose intolerant, Racist

One of the main reasons people don't connect with our Small Groups is because they don't see themselves as the sort of people would would join a Small Group. This is a problem. It's actually two problems: people have a faulty view of themselves and people have misunderstood Small Groups.

People make decisions on the basis of identity all the time. Seth Godin, an extremely insightful blogger, wrote a great post on this idea a while back. A woman received a vacuum as a gift from a friend (one of those sweet-looking Dysons) and loved it. But when it broke, she broke down and bought a more traditional vacuum. She didn't see herself as a Dyson-buyer. The ARE a quirky bunch.

I'm eating a sourdough roll from Nix's Kitchen and Garden, partly because everything April makes turns out delicious and partly because I see myself as one of their biggest fans. I'm blogging because I see myself as a blogger. I'm at the hospital because I see myself as a husband and a soon-to-be-father and if Amy's here, I'm here.

Identity impacts decision making. How can we leverage this truth? Should we leverage this truth? What would it mean for our Small Groups.

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