The Amazing Throw-a-verse

Have you ever had someone throw a verse in Small Group?

Maybe you make a claim, lay out some sort of theological idea, and they throw a verse.  Sometimes, verse-throwing comes with an "Aha!" and a "Gotcha!" kind of attitude.  Sometimes it comes with an open, conversational feel, a respectful "You've thought about this a lot.  How did you incorporate this verse..."

The Gotcha attitude shuts down conversation in Small Group.  People get defensive.  People jump in to fight rather than discover and explore and talk.

The Respectful attitude still presents a temptation to the Small Group.  If the person hasn't thought about that verse, will they say "I don't know" or "I haven't thought about that" or will they hem and haw and bs their way out of the corner.

I don't do a lot of verse quoting in Small Group.  I don't remember verses, but phrases and words and context.  Can I immediately give you proof-texts to disprove limited atonement?  No. 

But a good Small Group won't put people on the spot, won't say "Answer this now or never."  If we're a community, we can circle back to our conversations. 

We are a community. 

We can circle back.

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