The End of Small Group

The word "end" has many different meanings.

What is the chief end of Small Group?
"End" means purpose

How does a Small Group end?
I'm not sure.

We're moving to Florida tomorrow.  Our Small Group is going to help us load the truck.  Some folks from our Small Group are going to drive down with us and help us unload down there.  But Small Group has ended.

We no longer meet weekly.  We no longer study the Bible together formally.  But we are a part of something, a community, something like a family.  Maybe that's the end of Small Group: to create a community that never ends. 

That's what God is doing in the world. 
That's what God is doing through us.
Creating a community that never ends.
That's why we built our Small Group.
That's why your Small Group matters.

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  1. Like this post, Steve. We're going through the same thing right now.