The Self-revelation of a Small Group Leader

I struggle to share information about myself.  Maybe it's shyness.  Maybe it's years and years of Small Group leading and pastoring.  Maybe I just think I'm boring.

Sharing your own story is a wildly important thing for a Small Group leader to do.  But, if you're a Small Group leader and you're anything like me, you love to hear people in your Small Group talk.  The easiest way to get a Small Group talking is to ask them about themselves.  And it's easy to edge yourself out in the process.

I've been reading Barth's commentary on Romans recently.  One of his big ideas is that Jesus, as God-the-Son, is God's revelation of himself.  Apart from Jesus, we would know God only distantly, abstractly.  Barth goes as far as to assert that, without his self-revelation through his Son, all we would know of God was his wrath. 

I'm not sure what to make of Barth's theology, but I know that, even as self-revelation is vital for me as a Small Group leader, it's vital for God.  The people we care for in our Small Group need us to take the first step, opening ourselves to them, even as we need God to initiate with us.

Over the years, I've learned that being shy is no excuse not to share about yourself.  Neither is "no one's interested" a sufficient excuse.  And no Small Group leader is too boring to need to share.  Share your story.  Build your Small Group.

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