Special Occassions

Today's my anniversary.  Four years ago, Amy and I swapped vows at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke.  It was a special occassion.

Special occassions provide great opportunities for Small Group members to bond.  Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baptisms, holidays, graduations, take your pick.  All provide opportunities for a Small Group to bond.

Today I received several notes from my new co-workers in the Florida Division, wishing Amy and I a happy anniversary.  The Divisional leadership team is run like a Small Group and I feel cared for, even though I don't know these folks well yet.

Jesus celebrated tons of holidays with his Small Group, with the 12 disciples and the band of women who traveled with them.  Holidays and special occassions aren't just for your biological family.  If your Small Group is becoming some kind of meaningful community, don't miss the opportunity presented by occassions.

Father's Day is coming up.  As is the Fourth of July, Labor Day and someone's birthday.  What impact will these occassions have on your Small Group?

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