New marketing media create new opportunities to reach out to people.  They also create a great deal of churn and static in your communication network. 

What does this have to do with your Small Group?

We want to have Small Group invitation strategies that are effective.  How do people connect with your Small Group?  How are you inviting people to your Small Group?

The number one reason anyone goes to anything is because someone invites them.  We say this all the time. 

But Facebook and Twitter and texting provide us with new ways of inviting people to things.  And this is where we have a synchronization problem.  Technically, you can invite people to events and to Small Group using these media.  But are the invites meaningful?

To have a meaningful Facebook invitation, you need to have an already established Group or Fanpage that provides meaningful content.  An Event isn't enough.

To have a meaningful Twitter invite, you need to have a content-rich feed.

To have a meaningulf text invitation, you need to make it personal.

New media do not provide substitutes for relational invitation.  You can use Facebook and Twitter and texting and (maybe) even a blog and a podcast to establish and deepen a relationship, but they are not substitutes for relationship.

If you want to use Facebook and Twitter and texting to invite people to your Small Group, make sure you use them properly, relationally.  Synchronization is essential.

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