Wait until tomorrow (or don't)

There's always a compelling reason to wait until tomorrow.

I've been reflecting on the James 5 passage we looked at in Small Group last night.  One of the questions raised had to do with hoarding.  Is it wrong to hoard your wealth?

Wealth hoarding conjures up mental images of Scrooge McDuck and his swimming pool full of coinage or a Leprechaun with his pot-o-gold.  But what about savings, retirement?  What about investing your money today so you can give more tomorrow?

For many people, tomorrow never comes: not because they die, but because they change.  The Small Group we were visiting was full of people with bright tomorrows: two new moms, one expecting, two medical residents, some folks just starting business careers.  What is tomorrow for them? 

The medical resident could say that "Tomorrow" will be when they finish residency.  But when "Tomorrow" comes, there will still be a tomorrow.  What was enough yesterday, might not satisfy tomorrow.  The line might begin: "Once I'm established in a practice" or "Once I have my own practice" or "Once I retire."  Tomorrow's always over the horizon.

This is a challenging idea for a Small Group to wrestle with.  Is delayed obedience disobedience?  What do we do with this idea?

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