Who's your Daddy?

God is someone who - according to the Bible - both brought us into existence and has some say in how we should live our lives: Creator and Authority.  Genesis 1-3.  There it is.

But God's not the only one who was involved in bringing me into existence.  He's not the only one who has a say in how I live my life.  Who else can make these claims?  That's right, los Padres (parents, not the baseball team).

I find it so interesting that God chose to claim the title "Father" as well as Creator and Authority.  Father is Creator and Authority with relationship and maybe commitment and maybe even love. 

I can't imagine not being able to call God "Father."  Can you?

Some folks I know can't imagine God being Father to be a good thing.  Their fathers left them hurt, left them angry, or just left them.  They can picture God as Father, but that isn't a good thing.

The concept of fatherhood is rapidly becoming a fuzzy concept in our culture.  Absent fathers, step-fathers, bad fathers and father-figures all clutter the landscape of our culture.  And this fuzziness isn't new. 

In the Bible fathers lie, steal, use, and abandon their kids.  Fathers teach their kids to sin, set them up for trouble and do all manner of crazy ridiculousness.

Maybe, by calling himself "Father," God is re-forming our concept of fatherhood.  Maybe that's what Paul means when he talks about fatherhood in Ephesians.  Maybe God is Father - not cold Creator or austere Authority - for our good.  Maybe the beautiful parts of fatherhood reflect something beautiful in God.

It's worth exploring.

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