Fear is a Soul-killer

Be aggressive. B E aggressive. B E A G G R E S S I V E.

Despite the encouragement of a life's worth of cheerleaders, I'm still not a very aggressive person. My second place finish in tonight's poker game is evidence to that, as is the hour I spent in Best Buy waiting for the guy who said he'd "be done in 5 minutes, Buddy." We non-aggressive people know that whenever you get called Buddy by a salesperson you're about to be taken advantage of.

I used to think that I wasn't aggressive because I was a kind and gentle person, meek and mild, preparing myself to inherit the earth.

Now, I know that I'm just afraid.

I don't know why I'm afraid to stand up for myself, but I know I'm afraid.

Fear can be a deadly thing. Left unaddressed for too long, it becomes cynicism or apathy or exhaustion.

Fear is valuable in the short term and only for the short term. I need to be freed from fear to become who God wants me to be. You need to be freed too.

Can you free us from fear, God?

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