Hebrews 4: Salvation is Rest

The author of Hebrews takes an interesting turn at this point in the letter.

Salvation is rest.

This isn't the only perspective on salvation presented in Scripture, but it is one I find challenging.  I normally view the salvation we receive from Jesus as rescue, redemption, healing, victory...angles like that.  But in Hebrews, at least in chapter four, salvation is rest.

God has prepared a Sabbath rest for his people.  God rested after he created.  The hard-hearted and disobedient get no rest from God.  Make every effort to enter that rest.  Hebrews 4 is peppered with the promise of rest.

I struggle to rest.  Rest doesn't feel like salvation to me.  I get bored.  I fall asleep.  Rest is something I need, but not something I enjoy.

But what if salvation is really, at some deep level, rest.

What I call 'rest,' then, probably isn't really rest.  Maybe it's an echo of rest, a faint shadow. 

When we reach that final day and stand before the Lord, tired and joy-filled, resting with God will be wildly welcome. 

Hang in there, Hebrews.  Hang in there, blog readers.  Hang in there, Small Group leaders.  Rest is coming.

Salvation is rest.

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