Non-negotiable Orthodoxy

Draw a big circle, a very big circle.

The truth is in here, somewhere. We may not be able to nail down the exact point and we may disagree as to who's closer to this elusive truth, but it's in here, somewhere.

That's orthodoxy.

InterVarsity and our ever-expanding network of Small Group communities holds to a particular type of doctrinal orthodoxy. Read our doctrinal statement if you're curious.  It's pretty broad: including charasmatics and Calvinists and charasmatic Calvinists.

But orthodoxy does create barriers.  Saying "the truth is in here" is also intended to communicate "the truth is not out there."  And this is important for us if we are going to be open to other techniques for connecting with God.

Not all techniques to connect with God will work.  Here's a list of techniques that don't help:
  • Animal sacrifice
  • Human sacrifice
  • Treating humans like animals (with or without sacrifice)
  • Keeping track of brownie point / good deeds
  • Pretending that other gods are the same as God
  • Calling God by names he doesn't call himself (Jeebus, Mother Nature, etc...)
Can you think of other techniques that are beyond our orthodoxy?

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