Tied to Technique

I found a technique of connecting with God that really worked for me.

Jesuit High School. Fall. 1998. Free period/lunch. Behind the columns of the Chapel on the library side. Me. My Bible.

I connected so well with God then. Reading my Bible was fresh and new, exciting.

Then it was musical worship. Then prayer. Then Scripture memorization. Then Small Group Bible Study. Then preaching. Now, I'm not sure.

My friend Joe Moore once told me that the technique that best helps me connect to God may change over time, as my life changes, as I grow. I've found him to be right.

We don't need to be slavishly tied to technique when it comes to connecting with God. The 30 minute quiet time may not be helpful for a mother with young children. Different people, in different seasons of life, will connect with Jesus in different ways.

I think I'll explore this theme over the next couple of days.

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  1. i wonder if maybe another way of connecting to the lord is through just talking about him in fellowship. that doesn't really say what i mean, let me try to better explain myself. i know that when i'm in a group of people and we're all telling each other about what the lord is doing in our lives and how he has been there, what he is saying to us, how we trust him and love him and he is good--all of that makes me feel very deeply connected to the lord and his purposes. in fact, there are days when i feel much closer to the lord doing this than if my quiet time seems dry or distant. i suppose this is a lot like small group (at least the discussion part). and certainly as with any of them it wouldn't be meant to be done apart from the others as far as spiritual disciplines and drawing near to the lord goes. i don't know if it quite counts since it might be said that it's not actively engaging the lord, however affirming what he's doing in my life and rejoicing over the things he's doing in others leads me to worship which is absolutely a way. does that make sense?