Four Failures of Future-Focus

A fanatical future-focus fails us in four ways:

1) Forget God's past provision

A fanatical future-focus shifts our value systems.  We prize the Lately and ignore what's already been done.  We have nothing to be grateful for because we have nothing we value.

2) Fail to value faithfulness

A fanatical future-focus squeezes our definition of success.  Accomplishment is all that matters to us.  Faithfulness means nothing.  How contrary to the way of God! 

3) Falter in our work

A fanatical future-focus drains us of motivation.  We have nothing to celebrate because we've done nothing we value.  Milestones matter, but they're so after-the-fact.  If we only look to the future, we can't draw strength or comfort or renewal from the past.  How can we move forward if the fuel we need to move is buried in an inaccesible past?

4) Fall into ingratitude

Gratitude is, in essence, a past-focused posture.  Ingratitude can come from a narrow telling of the past, but it can also stem from an over-emphasis on the future, which doesn't actually exist (in our vein of perception).  To be more grateful in the future, we need to properly appropriate our past.

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