Changing Horses in Midstream

"Now" is always the worst time to transition out of a specific ministry.  "Hang in there a little bit longer" we're always told.  One more year.  One more semester.  One more month.

Oh won’t you stay just a little bit longer

Please, please, please say you will
Say you will

It's hard on ministries when leaders step away.  It's hard on leaders to step away. 

Leaving W&L has left me moping for a lot of the summer, even though I'm leaving it in good hands. And I've got to tell you, I couldn't be more thrilled about the reports that are coming out of W&L.  This leadership team is the best they've ever had and the new Staff - Kevin - is immensely gifted in all of the areas where I struggled.  Our leadership transition could hardly have gone more smoothly.

But this is making me think.

Along with the change in my own work-life, I'm also surrounded by a ton of ministry transition.  The pastor of my old church moved away.  One of my best friends left his InterVarsity job to go to seminary.  Two of the campuses down here in Florida lost staff last year.  My boss is moving on to a new job.  And not all of these transitions will go smoothly.

All this transition has me wondering how to do transition well.

Leadership transition can be immensely costly. 
- People feel abandoned. 
- The clarity of vision is lost. 
- Strategy gets muddled. 
- Team dynamics shift.
- Fringe members leave to seek stability. 

It's important to transition well.

Over the next week, I'll be looking at the leadership transition between Moses and Joshua and thinking about how to transition leadership well.

Why Moses and Joshua? 
- The Bible talks a lot about the transition
- The transition went well
- I've been reading in the NT a ton and need an OT break
- I feel like Joshua, in way over my head, filling big shoes
- Why not?

If you have any thoughts along the way, feel free to post a comment or send me an e-mail at tamayosteven [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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