The Reason for God by Tim Keller

How do we talk intelligently about Christianity to our skeptical friends?

This book will help. Keller built a flourishing church in the skeptical heart of New York City and writes out of that experience.

Keller begins by showing that “all doubts…are really a set of alternative beliefs.” Appealing to fairness, he asks skeptics to seek the same justification for their own beliefs that they demand from Christians.

The book has two main sections. The first contains Keller’s responses to seven big problems people have with Christianity. The second contains Keller’s case for Christianity. Defense. Offense. Easy to follow.

The first section is wildly helpful and an interesting read. Keller displays humor and humility, even when writing about hell, exclusivity and science. He shows real insight into reasons people doubt, real compassion for their hesitations, and real responses to our skeptical friends.

The second section stutters in several places. Keller reaches a bit for some illustrations and you can hear his preaching voice threatening to overwhelm his conversational voice. The section’s worth reading (we need Offense), but the pages don’t turn themselves.

As you search for clear words to talk about Christianity, check out this book and borrow some from Keller.

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  1. that's a helpful review Steve. I look forward to reading it.