Is the Right the Enemy of the Good?

This year, I jumped from one job to another.

Whenever you jump from one organization, one job, one place to another, you rattle back and forth. I certainly am.

Some days, all you can see is how the new place is better. New strengths. New freedoms. New opportunities. Green grass.

Some days, all you can see is the downside. These days have doubt and fear and sad, sad sadness.

Maybe there's some wisdom in the adage to "take it one day at a time," but not right now. Not for me.

I need to be taking it one week at a time. Or one month. Or longer.

With the longer view, the Right and Wrong of vocational discernment becomes the Good and Bad, the Wise and Unwise. And that's what we organization-jumpers need going forward. We need to know if we made a good jump, a wise jump. Worrying about whether or not we made the right jump won't help us.

What would change if you gave up trying to make the "right" decisions and, instead, tried to make good decisions?

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