Meeting Yourself to Death

Meetings can drain the life out of a ministry. 

Like so many other things, meetings give us the illusion of productivity.  Bouncing from meeting to meeting, our people stay busy without doing anything that really matters.

For many college students, this problem manifests itself in frenetic participation in multiple spiritual communities.  Their theory is that, in the attendance of many meetings, there will be holiness. 

And we don't tell them differently, because...let's face it, we like it when they come to our meetings.  And, if we do try to warn them, we come off sounding like possessive, anti-kingdom, non-cooperative jerks.

Now, not all meetings are bad.  Some meetings help students, some meetings are necessary and productive.  Some are actually fun.

But "some" isn't good enough.  Every meeting needs to have a purpose.

What would life look like if you had fewer meetings?  What would your ministry look like if every meeting had a purpose?

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  1. argh, Steve! What are you doing?! Messing with my system... thanks. The Lord is messing with my system and calling me to a more authentic relationship with him and those I minister to. Not meetings on either end.