Two Kinds of Magic

Amy and I went to see the latest installment in the Harry Potter series today. Fun Friday! But the magical Harry Potter series stirs up all kinds of stuff for my Christian friends.

A lot of people, especially Christians, are confused about magic.

I think there are basically two kinds of magic.

There's a magic that's satanic, that's anti-God, that's evil. It's focused on power, self-focused, attained through the worship of evil, or the comission of evil.

The second kind of magic is a lot harder to pin down.

This kind of magic is clearly imaginary, it exists in an imaginary world, a world with different rules. That's part of the beauty of fantasy fiction. Fantasy fiction allows you to inhabit a world with a different physics.

These new rules provide us with a unique vantage point on life. Plato's ring of invisibility allows us to examine the social motivation behind our ethical behavior. Aslan's song allows us to imagine Creation ex nihilo. Rowling's horcruxes allow us to wrestle with the fragility of both life and community.

These two kinds of magic wildly differ from each other.

Can you see the difference?

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    Thank you so much for this Steve!!