Cultural Brokenness

Every culture has been broken.

This is basic Christian teaching.  There is no perfect culture and no best culture.  Every culture has been impacted by the fall.  Every culture has been broken.

There is no perfect culture.  Not American culture.  Not Jewish culture.  Not church culture.  Every culture is broken because ever human being is broken, at least in some way.  It's one of the many things we share in common.

This cultural brokenness manifests itself in various ways.  I'll never forget the time I heard Enrique Melendez talk to a group of Latino men about entitlement in our culture (you can listen to his talk here).  I still struggle with the thought that washing the dishes is "woman's work" and "beneath me," but now I see this as a manifestation of my cultural brokenness, a brokenness that wants to keep us from being servants.

As we encourage ethnic diversity, we also need to challenge cultural brokenness.

This can be offensive, confusing, poorly done.  But it must be done.

Where have you seen cultural brokenness manifest itself?

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