Evangelism and the "Like" Button

Evangelism is a touchy thing.

For so many people, evangelism conjures up images of manipulation, tension, awkwardness.  Most Americans think it inappropriate or unprofessional to tell people what to believe.  This is commonly accepted.

But it just isn't true.  At least, not completely.

The broader culture believes strongly in evangelism, but by a different name (starts with an "M"... I'll let you guess). In every except religion, evangelism abounds and receives acceptance.

Eight months or so ago, Facebook added the "Like" button. It's a great tool for evangelism. Not religious evangelism, particularly, but evangelism none-the-less.

Hitting the "Like" button identifies that there's something good out there, something worth checking out on the web. 

And the implication is that you should check it out.  I mean, if someone of my discerning taste "Likes" it, it must be worth checking out.  Right?

What would happen if we had the same confidence about sharing the gospel that we had about hitting the "Like" button?


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  2. yes! that'll preach.