Everyone's a Critic

Everyone's a critic, but I remember when I used to be a fan.

No matter how well I speak - whether as a man or as a monkey - as long as I have something critical to say, I can find an audience.

Even if it doesn't provide insight, criticism always fits into a conversation.  It may not move mountains, but it does move people.  And, on top of that, my devastating words make me somebody. 

There's nothing wrong in the world that can't be fixed with a well-timed critical word.  Justice.  Motivation.  Prosperity.  All can be achieved through criticism.

Criticism is necessary, criticism is helpful. It is not cruel, it is not cheap, it is not unnecessary.  It does not break relationship, it is not selfish, it doesn't have to be angry, it only keeps a record of wrongs that are funny, memorable, or useful.

Criticism does not delight in realism, but rejoices in exaggeration.

(Speaking of exaggeration) criticism always blesses, always encourages, always motivates, always honors God.

Criticism never fails.

This must be why I pay critics so much attention and aspire to be critical myself. Insight for the night.

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  1. this is the worst post you've ever written. you should get a real job. what is an area director anyway?