God Told Me to Take His Name in Vain

I know.  I was surprised as you.

But God told me to take his name in vain.  And I've just done it...twice.  No, not in the privacy of my home (my son might hear and repeat it to his mother and get me in trouble).  I did it here on my blog.  Right here.

Did you notice?

Once in the title, once in the body.  You've read both already.  In fact, if you utilize subvocalization while reading (and, let's face it, who doesn't?), you might be guilty yourself.

Taking God's name in vain extends way beyond cussing. 

Taking God's name in vain involves any misuse of the name of God.  And, as ubiquitous as usage of God's name is in the realm of cussing, vain-taking extends deeper.

Saying God told you to buy an airplane or build a building when he didn't is taking God's name in vain.  Saying God told you take a job or start a relationship when he didn't is taking God's name in vain.  Saying God told you ______ when he didn't ... that's taking God's name in vain.

I've really struggled with this lately.  When we made the move to South Florida, people kept asking us if God had called us to make the move.  I've really wanted to say "Yes" and leave it at that.  But it's more complicated than that and I'm not sure.

I don't want to take God's name in vain, to use God to justify my decisions.

And this raises a big question.  If we're supposed to avoid taking God's name in vain, we've got to be confident that we've heard from God.  And God's often pretty invisible.

How can we be sure we've heard from God?

I wonder if this is why God made this commandment the third commandment.  If we miss the first two (worship God and only God ... don't make an image of God) ... if we mess up the first two, we'll mess up the third.

**Notice: God didn't really tell me to take his name in vain.  You knew I was just making a point, right, Mom? :) ***


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Amen. Thanks for your honesty, and thought-provoking posts. :)

    -Sara Mangan

  2. Anonymous11:41 AM

    You had me going- I can always count on you to cause me a little shock and pondering! love, Mom