Mentorship as Sponsorship

Troy Turley shared a bit this morning about the life of David, how God uses our experiences to prepare us for our part in his mission.

During his talk, Troy made a great observation about the story of David.  Over and over again throughout the story, this theme of sponsorship keeps popping up.

Sponsorship has an interesting connotation in the Latino community.  For some of us, our families came here because they were sponsored, someone vouched for them and took responsibility for them.

When my family came over from Cuba, their sponsors provided them with a live and active support network, with friends and guides.  With mentors.

Such a big part of our work is mentoring students, supporting and taking responsibility for them.  One student in our Track, who gave his life to the Lord this week, came to the conference because his Staffworker encouraged him to.  Another student, who's still trying to figure out if he wants to identify as Latino or follow Jesus, came because his Staffworker paid his way.

With Samuel anointing David, the new king's trajectory in life was deeply impacted.  For the rest of his life, David displays the truth that while "man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart."  His prayers for a clean heart reveal a leader who understands that God cares more about who we are than what we do.

What lessons do we pass along as sponsors?
Who has sponsored you?

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