Promote, Ramble or Connect

There are lots of ways for us to use social media, but these three are the three I find myself doing.

When I promote, I'm obnoxious.  "Look at me! Look. At. Me. Lookatme!" 

Promotions fill the world and marketers constantly attempt to get our attention.  We've become adept at escaping from their grip.  Why do I add to the mess?

Promotion isn't what I'm looking for.

But neither is rambling.

I can ramble with the best of them.  Get me tired and I'll gibber like a monkey.  And some of that trickles into my social media.  I'm sure you've had a day when you've done the same.

What I want is to connect.  At least, that's part of it.

Do you tend to promote, ramble or connect?

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