Purpose vs. Pride (as relates to ethnicity)

We ride a fine line when teaching people history.

We want people to have enough context to intelligently ask why God placed them in a specific ethnic community (for more on this, see yesterday's post).  We don't want to provoke people to anger or arrogance.

This is especially true for us Latinos.

In our community, we have this popular philosophical concept called "la raza c√≥smica" or "the cosmic race."  As an already multi-ethnic community, we represent (in some ways) the inevitable drift of a global community.  In the future, everyone will be Latino (according to this philosophy).

This pride runs counter to the biblical message.

Throughout his writing, the Apostle Paul attacks ethnic exclusivity and ethnic pride.  While still acknowledging that God has a purpose for our ethnicity, Paul won't allow us to become proud.  We can celebrate what we do well, share it, but can never believe that we've cornered the market on specialness.

This is one of the reasons that it's so important for LaFe to stay connected with InterVarsity.  It's difficult being a part of a multi-ethnic community sometimes, but it's worth it.  We need our non-Latino friends to help us maintain our perspective: we have some, but not all, of the "special."  Their gifts to us bless and guard us.

What else can help us avoid pride as we learn about purpose?

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