Why Teach Latino History at a Christian Conference?

As LaFe10 approaches, I'm starting to realize that we're doing something pretty unique during our track time.

We have your standard InterVarsity conference elements, of course: sermons, small groups, booktable.  But we also have history lectures.

History lectures.

Seriously, I'm writing a 20 minute lecture on Latino history. 

Why, if we love the Bible, if we treasure God's Word, if we believe in the inspiration and trustworthiness and authority of the Sacred Scripture...why am I writing a history lecture?

1) We believe that all truth is God's truth

Embedded in the culture of InterVarsity is a deep valuing of the academic world.  We don't just pull fish from the pond...we love the pond.  And history, as a discipline exists in the pond. 

This is a small, very small part of our reason for the lecture.

2) God wants us to know where we came from

Reading through a lot of the Old Testament this Fall, I noticed that the biblical authors took care to trace the ancestry and origin of peoples.  And this isn't only for the Jewish people, but also for their neighbors.  Over and over and over again, the Bible shows that it matters where people come from.  And it matters if we know.

3) Our personal stories are connected larger stories

I can tell you about the history of my family: immigration from Cuba and Spain, moving to Florida, marrying a Southern belle / genius ... generations later, here I am.  But there's so much more going on.  Our individual histories are caught up in a larger story.

Why do Latinos look brown, white, black and sometimes Asian?  Where does our deep value of family come from?  Why have so many Latinos failed fully assimilate?  Answers to those questions are embedded in the larger story of our history.

And if we, wisely, seek to locate ourselves in God's meta-story (the biggest story), we need to be able to locate ourselves in the bigger stories around us.

Can you think of other reasons to teach history?

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