Worth It

There was this great moment during the General Session for the LaFe10 Conference tonight.  Sandra van Opstal was inviting students to respond to God's call to do something about the mess in the world.  Some creative soul had scattered trash all over the room and, as a symbol of their commitment, students carried piles of trash up to the stage, cleaning the room and getting their hands dirty.

A lot of us on the Staff team were standing on a raised level behind the students...the old people's seats.  And some of us jumped down the stairs to pick up trash, to join students in their commitment.  We processed to the front of the room, to the stage, set the trash on the stage and wandered back to our seats.

Somehow, I ended up standing next to the other folks from the Conference Leadership Team: Rene, Natalia, Stacy. (Melyssa didn't make it to the conference, but did give birth to a healthy baby boy today ... Gabriel). 

As the students returned to their seats, the worship team started playing songs of praise to Jesus and students started joining in.  Hands went up.  Heads bowed.

And I thought to myself: this is worth it.

We've spent years planning this conference, prayed and fasted, studied and exhausted our creative energy ... all for these students, all for this conference, all for Jesus, that he would be praised.

This is so worth it.

We leaders need these Worth It Moments to keep going.  We need to remember them, talk about them, blog about them.  These Worth It Moments are a gift from God.

Has God ever given you a Worth It Moment?

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