You've Heard God's Voice

This is, of course, a statement of probability.

Most Christians have heard God's voice, but many don't realize it.

We think that hearing God's voice involves burning bushes, thunder, lightning.  We expect it to engage our ears.

Some try to spiritualize the experience.  They talk about hearts being "strangely warmed."  God's voice is an impression or a sense or an inner leading.  Heart engagement.

But both these means of engaging God's voice involve a great deal of subjectivity.  I remember years of longing for a subjective experience of God, to hear God in a special way, a way that was unique to me.

And while I don't deny that God's voice at times engages our ears and our hearts, that's not the main way God speaks.

The primary, clearest (and perhaps best) way God speaks is through the Bible.

John White, when talking about Daniel puts it this way:
Were we given a choice we would doubtless opt for visions and voices ... [But] a vision never stays. It goes away. You are left wondering, Did it really happen to me? The same is even more true of a voice - God's or anyone else's. With the passage of time, a man's confidence in his subjective experiences (hearing voices, seeing visions) diminishes.
So, have you heard God's voice today?

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