5 Options for Bloggers During Conferences

This is conference season for campus ministry.  I just got back from LaFe10 and am headed out to InterVarsity's Staff Conference tomorrow.  Some of my students went to Impact's Atlanta Conference last week, some went to IHOP's onething and still others are at Passion right now.

As someone who's gotten into blogging this year, I've noticed some trends when it comes to bloggers and conferences.  Bloggers tend to opt in to one of these five options during conferences.

1) Don't blog

Take a vacation.  Focus on the conference.

2) Blog everything

Think of this as the play-by-play.  Set lists, speakers, links to content, notes. (Some folks call this Live Blogging) Go for it.  Share the experience.  Bless your readers who can't make it to the conference.  Blogging is a gift, after all.  Give and give liberally.

3) Summarize content

This is, perhaps, a middle position.  And this is how most pro-bloggers blog conferences.  At the end of the day, give an outline and some solid quotes.

4) Continue blogging as usual

Pretend you're not at the conference.  Hope no one notices.

5) Comment

In contrast to the play-by-play, you could provide color commentary.  You don't have to comment on everything and you won't re-create the conference experience on your blog, but you might find that sweet balance between blessing your readers, sharing your life and processing what you're learning.

Which style is most helpful for you?

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