Anticipating Rejection

It came up again on campus today.

We were talking about evangelism on campus and what it would look like for us to be a campus ministry that engaged in evangelism.  But it's so scary, that talking to strangers.

(But who said we had to start sharing the gospel with strangers?)

The conversation started down that well-travelled road: they aren't laughing at us, they're laughing at the gospel ... Jesus suffered too ... if we really believed the gospel ...

All this is very familiar.  This is how we gear ourselves us to share the gospel.

But what would happen if we experienced a mental shift?

Jesus told us to prepare for persecution, but he also said "the harvest was plentiful."

Why don't we live like this is true? I have 3 guesses...

1) The bad feelings associated with rejection outweigh the good feelings associated with acceptance and, for this reasons, the expectation for rejection weighs heavier in our minds.  So, we overestimate the probability of rejection.

2) We spend so much time criticizing and demonizing The Culture, we can't reconcile ourselves with a world that is hungry to hear about Jesus.

3) Maybe this has nothing to do with a fear of rejection.  Chalk it up to selfishness, busyness or something else.  Do we even spend enough time thinking about other people to worry about rejection?

Why else do we anticipate rejection?

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