Blogging as a Form of Spiritual Discipline

Blog for whatever reason you want.  Or don't blog at all.

I love blogging, but it isn't for everyone and my way of doing it isn't for everyone.

I have no intention of monetizing the blog.
I don't spend a lot of time thinking about traffic.
I rarely edit or re-read my posts.

For me, blogging is a spiritual discipline.

Blogging is a regular rhythm in my life that draws me back to God, causes me to turn my attention to him. 

Now, this may not come through in every post.  But before every post, I've spent time engaging with God.  And what I write reflects a facet of that engagement.

Blogging, as a spiritual discipline, has been wildly helpful for me in the midst of so much life transition.  Shifting from community to loneliness, from preaching two or three times a week to two or three times a semester, into parenthood and management and big-city-livin'.  The rhythm of blogging has helped.

What rhythms help you regularly engage with God?

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  1. Reading your blogs is always helpful at the very least to think about things in life from a different perspective.