Does Campus Ministry Rob the Church?

"Always or sometimes or never."
Your answer can work like a lever
To move the Church
From her still perch
So we don't lose students forever.

Always - Thesis

"Campus ministry seems to divert talent from church ministry." 
"Campus ministry seems to disconnect students from local churches."
"Campus ministry seems to cost a lot of money."

That's a lot of Seems.

But if Seems were true,
Let Always think through
Why these talented people
Don't serve the Steeple
And instead collude
With streak-runners in nude
And invite you to join
And bring your coin
Even though
They know
It sounds rude.

Never - Antithesis

"Campus ministry seems to develop excellent leaders for the church." 
"Campus ministry seems to reach students uninvolved in a local church."
"Campus ministry seems to consistently operate on shoe-string budgets."

That's also a lot of Seems.

But if Seems were true,
Let the Never's think through
Why our leaders don't cherish
God's bride, the Parish
And why don't we teach
Those who preach
At whatever the cost
Because they were lost
To value the students we reach.

Sometimes - Synthesis

I don't mean to boast.
But you seem engrossed.
Our work is not through
We've got lots to do.
Why are you still reading this post?


  1. Ouch. What's that mean?

  2. the "church" needs some Robin Hoods to steel young people from so-called ministry and give them to the world, since the "church" itself won't do it.

    "Roses are red, violets are blue,
    The 'church' is almost dead,
    so, my friend, its up to you."