Is Niche Ministry Strategy the Heresy of Our Age?

Can you flinch and nod at the same time? 

I can, but I didn't know it until this weekend.

A speaker at the Gospel-Life Conference this weekend suggested this idea: niche ministry strategy is the heresy of our age.

People who work in campus ministry flinch whenever we hear broad denouncements of niche ministry.  And this was the broadest and most denouncing denouncement I've every heard.  So, I flinched.

Is niche ministry strategy THE heresy of our age? Probably not.
Is niche ministry strategy even A heresy of our age? Not precisely.
Is niche ministry strategy potentially hazardous? Very much so.

I smell a Short Series of Short Posts.

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  1. I love your short posts. They challenge me to edit. I've loved these (I read them backward so far).