Jesus is Not the Best


Depends on how you mean it, I guess.

This conversation came up on campus again today.  I've blogged on this theme before, during the series on Hebrews

The occassion for the conversation? A Large Group series at FIU University Park on the Preeminence of Christ. (Yes, these students loooove theology).

Someone, willing to be honest about vocabulary limitations, asked what "preeminence" means.  The main meaning for "preeminence" is, of course, "a word John MacArthur uses because 'bestness' is not a real word." 

A secondary meaning: "bestness."

And we can talk about Jesus being better: better than the priests, better than every sacrifice, better than the best behaved of the best of us.  But better carries implications.

Jesus is not just better than these, he's not just the best.  He's the only.  There's no one like him.  He is unique.

What would happen if Jesus was just the best?

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