Theological Call vs. Personal Call

Theology alone cannot sustain us.

In the Chapter Planting Crash Course yesterday at InterVarsity's Staff Conference '11, the training team shared strategies and techniques that help new campus ministry leap into existence. 

Planting new campus ministry is an art, not a science. Yesterday we were introduced to paint and canvas and brushes.

And it was really exciting.

But it takes more than technique and strategy to plant a campus ministry.  And I knew that.  I think we all do.

We all acknowledge that, although we plant and water, God gives the growth.  Praise God for that!  It's such a huge load off of our shoulders.

But a lot of us move forward on the basis of our theology, transforming our good theology of God's sovereignty and involvement in the work of planting into a Theological Call.  Our theology compels us.

And this is a good thing.

But theology cannot sustain us in the work of planting campus ministry.

We need a connection to God.  We need relationship and intimacy with Him.  We need to hear his voice and feel his joy and be fully filled over and over and over and over again with his Spirit.

And we need him to call us personally to the work.  A Personal Call.

The Personal Call may not be audible, may not be specific, may not be explicable, but it's needed anyways.  We need this sense that God wants us to be doing what we're doing.  We need communities that affirm that we're doing good work for God. 

I still need to tease this out, to think more deeply about this...and I apologize for being so vague.  But when I heard this yesterday, it so deeply resonated with my theology-loving heart.

What do you think it means to have a Personal Call?

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