There's a Difference Between Learning and Loving

Have you ever walked away from a sermon disappointed, saying "I didn't learn anything new"?

This happens to me all the time.  Whether it's a book or a sermon, I often catch myself tuning out to the familiar.  And, sometimes, I wonder how I'm doing to make it for another 20 or 30 years without getting so bored I totally unplug.

But since when did being a Christian center around the entertainment of learning?

In fact, throughout God's Word, learning about God and God's story always has another purpose.

We learn so we can love.

Love God.  Love neighbor.

Love enemies and wives and each other.

And if I still have room to grow in the love department (and I do, we all do), maybe I haven't finished learning.  And if I'm struggling to learn, stalled, maybe I need to grow in how I love.

Loving helps us learn and learning should help us love.

If we equate the two, we miss out.

Let's learn and love.

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