Three Effects of Unbelief...and then some

During his first talk at LaFe10, Ryan Pfeiffer generated conversation about the impact of unbelief.  From his perspective, "the root of the world's problems is unbelief."

This is a huge claim.

And Ryan explained why he thinks unbelief causes so many problems:

1) Unbelief blinds us to the truth about Jesus
2) Unbelief redirects our worship toward idols
3) Unbelief hardens our hearts

On a few weeks, I hope to have links available so you can watch Ryan's talk yourself and really dig into each of those statements.

But after Ryan's talk, I have to be honest, I was a little confused.  What did this have to do specifically with the Latino community.  The talk, even if true, would be applicable and helpful for anyone.  Why deliver it specifically at LatFe10?

We Latinos regularly face the temptation to blame our problems on people and things other than unbelief.  Our problems get blamed on our families, political policies, la migra, corruption, Republicans, unjust employers, societal racism, entitlement ... the list goes on and on.

But what would happen if we dealt with all of these things, but didn't make a dent in our unbelief?  Would our problems go away?

No, Ryan touched on a nerve.  We Latinos feel in special and powerful ways the temptation to look for other sources of salvation besides Jesus.  We struggle to believe that Jesus and faith in him can really impact the world's problems.

What if unbelief really was the root of the world's problems?

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  1. I was just reading an e-mail about how people say they believe in Jesus, yet they just sit there and wait for God to do work. The email talked about how Jesus can't do much with people, families, towns, etc that don't believe Him. It also mentioned that if you do believe and God tells you to do something practical, that you must do whatever that is in faith-that you can't just watch what He is doing when He wants you to be part of it. Faith requires action.