Why Did Jesus Refuse to Turn Stones into Bread?

I love coming up with creative theories.

Here're some as to why Jesus refused to turn the stones to bread when tempted by the Devil, as recorded in Matthew 4 (note: some are more creative/ridiculous than others):

The Gluten Theory

Maybe Jesus lived on a gluten-free diet.  Sure, Celiac Disease wasn't as common back then, but who's to say?  I mean, he took on our frail humanity and stood in solidarity with us.  Even as he shared in our humanity, maybe he shared in our Irritable Bowels.

The Taste Theory

Maybe Jesus was really picky about his bread.  There's a big difference between stone-ground flour and stone.  Maybe Jesus saved his carbs for Nix Kitchen and Garden Sourdough Rolls (which are, incomprehensibly, unavailable in Florida).

The Powerless Theory

Maybe Jesus couldn't do it.  I mean, I can't change stones to bread.  I've never seen it done.  Maybe it's impossible and Jesus knew it.  That would make him a real "wise guy," right?  Knowing his limits and telling off the Devil.

The Solidarity Theory

Maybe Jesus wanted to stand with Israel, to hunger in the desert the way they did.  Maybe he was entering into their history, passing through the Red Sea of baptism, accompanied by the Spirit, into the desert.  The dependence on the Father's manna stands in contrast with every attempt to provide for self.

The Security Theory

Maybe Jesus didn't feel the need to prove himself.  After hearing the voice of the Father - "This is my Son, whom I love; with him I'm well pleased" - he has nothing to prove.  Jesus never seemed to go out of his way proving that we was the Son of God ... he was more occupied being the Son of God.

Want to add a theory?


  1. Sweetser and I were highly amused by this, btw.

  2. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Because Jesus was called to do only the works that he Father does. And his Father doesn't turn stones into bread. He turns water into wine (according to a process that involves rain, seeds, vines, harvesting and fermentation.)

  3. Great insight, Anon.

    God turns stones into lots of things (law books, memorials, death missiles), but not bread.

    If the Son and the Father are in sync, it makes sense that the Son wouldn't do things that he doesn't see the Father do.

  4. Anonymous2:55 PM

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