3 Thoughts On Interviewing

InterVarsity leadership teams interview students every year as new students jump aboard and start serving and students transition off campus into roles as alumni, donors, volunteers and Staff.

Here're 3 things I've learned from my years conducting student interviews:

1) We're looking for fit, not performance

Call it alignment or chemistry or whatever.  We want to see if the person we're interviewing is someone we can work with and work alongside.  We don't need them to be perfect.  In fact, we don't want perfection.  If we're interviewing you, teachability trumps achievement every day.

2) We're looking to teach, not just learn

I mean, we do want to learn about the people we're interviewing.  But we don't want to miss an opportunity to share our vision and clarify our practice.  We want people to know very clearly what they're getting themselves into.  And what better way to gauge teachability than to teach?

3) We're looking connect, not convince

We recruit hard, but don't want to beg people to join us.  If we have to beg people to join, we'll end up spending a ton of time and energy trying to convince them to stay.  Instead of persuasion, we're looking for connection.  If the people we're interviewing can connect with us and with our heart, they might work out.  If they can't, they won't.

What have you learned from interviewing?

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