Concert of Prayer Outline

How do you respond to great teaching?

We chose to respond to the teaching from this morning with a Concert of Prayer.  No instruments, but a concert nonetheless.

Here's what we did ...


Called out names of God
Called out things God did in the Bible


Spent some time silently confessing our sin to God
Wrote sins on a notecard, privately
Threw the notecards in the trash as a symbol of our repentance


Called out things God has done in our lives
Responsive reading of Psalm 136


Prayed personal requests, out loud, all at once
Stood symbolically in the place of our friends who don't know Jesus as Staff prayed
Called out to God for the groups of people who aren't being reached by InterVarsity
Received prayer from a freshman for the movement and the future of InterVarsity

A little structure goes a long way.

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