God is Reconciling the World to Himself

I love training students to share the gospel of Jesus.

And, for many of our students, training is necessary.

For many students, their personal exposure to the gospel of Jesus has presented the gospel as an entry point into the Christian faith.  And this is true.

But for many, this is the extent of their exposure to the gospel.

And so, when the time comes to talk with someone about the gospel of Jesus, the story gets fuzzy.  The further students get from their own experience of conversion, the harder they find evangelism.

But isn't this the opposite of the way it should be?

As we walk longer and longer with Jesus, we should grow to love him more and know him better.  Talking about him should get easier and easier as we go along.

Our theological shortcomings directly connect with our missional shortcomings.

Have you seen this struggle in your own life?

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