How're You With Feet?

I usually wear shoes when I walk on the beach.  I do this for practical reasons and aesthetic reasons.  My feet are pale, soft and ugly.  No one wants to see them and I don't feel the need to show them off.

But feet showed up in Small Group this week.  Big time.

Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, ends up at Jesus' feet three times in the gospels and, perhaps, shows us a model of love and respect.

She sits at his feet an learns.
She falls at his feet during her time of grief.
She pours perfume on his feet, anointing his body for burial.

Sitting at someone's feet involves a heart willing to learn.  Falling at someone's feet looks like worship.  And the perfume ... I guess that's love.

Have you ever found yourself at Jesus' feet?

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