Playing Chase

Even though Will can't walk or even crawl, he can zoom around really well in his little walker.  Backward.  Forwards.  Circles.

And he loves to chase me.

But what happens when he catches me?

Sometimes, he wants me to pick him up.
Other times, he wants to tickle and wrestle.
Today, he wanted me to keep running, so he could keep chasing.

In the Christian life, we chase God (or feel like we're chasing).  We pray and fast and read the Bible and go to church hoping to connect with him, to catch him.

We also speak as if God chases us.  Before we love him, he loves us.  When we're far from him, he draws near to us.  He sends his Son and his Spirit, heart-seeking missiles of grace.  And he connects with us, catches us.

So, what happens when the chase ends?

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