Stay in the Game, Stay In Line

I got some great fundraising advice yesterday.

Foundations and churches provide the funding stability we need to stay in the game for the long-term.  But a lot of us struggle to connect with these wonderful, stable and sometimes slow-moving institutions.

In a conversation about foundations and churches, Fred Woolard advised me:
"Stay in line."
Now, patience shouldn't come as a revelation to those of us in campus ministry and non-profits who fundraise as part of our jobs, but he had a point.

A lot of us ask once and, if we get a "No" or a "Not right now," we walk away.

We take it personally.
We don't want to annoy.
We're afraid to offend.
We hurry.

But Fred's attitude is "Four No's are halfway to a Yes."  He's polite and humble and he stays in line.  And for over 25 years he has raised money for non-profits.  He expects to wait in line and so he stays in line.  And doesn't get discouraged.

If you want to stay in the game, learn to stay in line.

What do you find difficult about staying in line?

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