What If It's Laziness, Not Fear?

Why do we hold back when God calls us to use our talents?

For a lot of us, we say we hold back because we're afraid.

We're afraid our gifts won't be valued.  We're afraid we're not good enough.  We're afraid people will ignore us or laugh at us or tell us to stop it.  We're afraid of making a mistake or getting locked in or being told we don't belong.

Or so we say.

But what if we confuse fear with laziness?

Our friends can understand fear.  Fear attracts encouragement, compassion, affirmation.

But not laziness.  Laziness is an unforgivable sin, socially.  It's a lousy excuse.

In Matthew 25 (the passage we talked about at BC North today), when the servant uses fear language to explain his failure to do the work asked of him, his master calls him lazy.  And the master hits the nail on the head.  If the man really felt fear, he would have done the work.

What if what we're feeling when we hold back isn't fear?  What if it's laziness?

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  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Helpful post. I enjoy your blog, Steve.