Why An Interview Replaced A Talk

Oscar Muriu shocked us all when he agreed to speak at our Spring Conference.

He has been a featured speaker at two Urbana Conferences, has planted over a dozen churches and was in the States working on a book project.  And our eyes got wide when he agreed to come and share.

So, why, oh why, did we have the crazy idea to interview him on the first night?

Wouldn't it make more sense to give him a microphone and get out of the way?  Wouldn't it make more sense to give him 3 talks and cram as much into his time with us as we could?  Shouldn't we squeeze?

Here're the reasons we went with an interview over a talk:

1) We wanted to be more relational
2) We wanted to provide something unique
3) We wanted to create a listening environment
4) We wanted to get to know Pastor Oscar
5) We wanted to break the celebrity barrier
6) We wanted to show God's work in a person's life
7) We wanted to avoid the temptation to learn without applying
8) We wanted to be sensitive to our students' mental tiredness
9) We wanted to get Pastor Oscar's best talk and get it when we're most prepared for it

I'm very intrigued with interviews as a way to communicate the information we normally attempt to transfer through sermons.  So much of what we hear via preaching goes in one ear and out another.

What do you think about interviews?

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