600 Posts

This is the 600th post on the blog. 

I'm shocked to find that I still have more to write, still have fresh ideas, still discover amazing things about God while I work with InterVarsity.

I used to wonder if I'd get bored with God, bored with Christianity and theology, bored with the Bible.  From the vantage point of a 16 year old, how could I read one book for 60 years and not get bored?  But I don't wonder about that anymore.  It somehow seems more doable.

That's not to say I don't have hard days. Days when I don't want to write. Days when I don't want to read. Days when I'm bored with myself and my work and my God.

Writing is a discipline.  One I'd recommend.

Writing provides a rhythm to engage me when I don't want to engage.

Have you ever considered writing a blog?

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