Away From Campus

I've been away from campus for a few weeks. 

National and regional responsibilities, combined with Spring Break have kept me away.

This is a regular and normal occurrence in the rhythms of campus ministry.  You do the work.  You work hard.  Then, abruptly, there are Breaks.  60 to 0.

Imagine your engine revving and revving, racing and then ... suddenly ... cutting off.

Campus ministry folks struggle in these rapid transitions.  We crash, spiral or come back too slowly.  And a slow start can be as rough as a crash.

Strange things happen to us when we're away from campus.  Campus is where we're meant to be.  And we feel a little lost when we're away.

Maybe you don't have a campus.  Maybe you have an office, a church, a classroom. 

What happens to you when you're away?

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