Crawling Over The Toys

Will started crawling this week.

It's so much fun to watch.  He rocks back and forth like he's revving his engines and then takes off.  He still struggles with first gear and reverse, but can pretty much get wherever he wants to go.

Like a good parent, I try to encourage him.  I cheer for him when he crawls, riding that fine line between egging him on and distracting him.  I've also set up a Crawling Economy with incentives, imports/exports and unempolyment benefits (baby economies bring a new meaning to "trickle down").

The other day, I set Will on one corner of his carpet and sat myself on another ... with one of his toys.  I started zooming the toy back and forth and he started crawling.  Good start.

He crawled all the way across the carpet, right up to his toy and then right over it.

He didn't want to play with the toy.  He wanted to play with me.

He crawled over the toy and held up his arms, asking me to pick him up.

I've heard over and over again that God wants us to want Him and not just the things he can do for us.  Relationship matters more than blessing.  The biggest blessing is relationship.  You know this.  I know this.  But it became clearer this week.

God wants us to crawl over the toys.

What does that look like for you?

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