Evaluating A Work of God

How do you do evaluation when God has shown up?

We're going to struggle with this at the LaFe10 planning meetings this week.  This past December, we held a conference for over 150 Latino students from around the country.  And God did some amazing things in their lives.

So, how do we evaluate it?

From one perspective, everything didn't go smoothly and according to plan.  There were some hiccups and hurdles.  Surely, we could improve.

But from another perspective, God showed up.  And evaluating the conference feels like evaluating him ... kinda.  I mean, what if he ordained hiccups and hurdles?

Nowhere is this tension more clear than when we think about the preaching.  God powerfully used Sandra and Ryan to bring the word to these students.  God transformed students' lives as they engaged with his word.  But could it have been even better?  Could we have given Sandra and Ryan more help, more support, more direction?

Here're some thoughts on evaluating a work of God:

1) Don't skip the celebration
2) Don't give in to magical thinking
3) Don't forget what God did
4) Don't ignore your responsibility
5) Don't confuse your role with God's role
6) Don't miss a learning opportunity
7) Don't assume that this is as good as it gets
8) Don't plant seeds of ingratitude

Have you ever struggled with evaluation?

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